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Julie Odia

August 02 2012 // 3568 Views


I was having the most delicious lunch of snails and steamed Irish potatoes with a friend when she asked the question that brought it all back. Although, I had a smile on my face but her question was the last words I heard her say for a long time duri...

Julie Odia

February 02 2012 // 3326 Views

Back On My Feet!

I woke up this morning feeling frustrated about some of the issues I’m dealing with especially not making it to the New York fashion week. My mood took a down turn and nothing would cheer me up. And to further complicate matters I received a...

Julie Odia - Publisher, Wow

January 18 2012 // 3939 Views

Have A Wow Christmas

his issue says it all: Christmas starts here. But if you are anything like me, you’re probably wondering, where did the year go? Does it have to end now? You may feel like you have got so many things left on your to-do list, to start planning C...

Julie Odia - Publisher, Wow

November 19 2011 // 3872 Views

The Face Of God

How excited are you about this issue?
Mo’cheddah and Chika totally nailed the
cover. When we decided on a young and
fabulous theme for the shoot, no other
names came to the minds and mouths of
the super WOW team and ...

Julie Odia - Publisher

April 16 2011 // 3823 Views

The Climb

Out of all that I have ever done in my life, nothing has taken more out of me than publishing Wow. It can be overwhelming. So some months ago, I took a few weeks off to Miami with my friends and the next day we went swimming. I’m an expert i...

Julie Odia: Publisher, Wow Magazine

February 11 2011 // 4380 Views


Valentine’s Day in principle is a very lovely idea but with an unfortunate side effect of selling love to us in a heart shaped box, pierced sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, there is little that fascinates me more than romance and r...

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