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  Dear Diary

August 02 2012 // 3325 Views

Birthdays, Birthdays And Birthdays

Being a member of a big family means there are always birthdays! In my fam, birthdays get kicked off right from January 2nd, when the old man celebrates his. Well, this year, my lil sister, Damilola, turned 21 and she wanted to mark it in grand style...

NLC Protests

February 02 2012 // 2979 Views

Occupy Nigeria!

Dear Diary,

2012 must be a very crazy year indeed! First, a policeman tried to shoot me on New Year’s Day. When he didn’t succeed, the President tried to kill me himself....


January 18 2012 // 3539 Views

Going Back Giving Back

There’s a certain kind of happiness that you can only derive from making other people happy. Sure, money, love and contentment can all bring happiness, but there’s this special kind of untainted, unrefined and indescribable happiness that...


November 19 2011 // 3418 Views

House Hunting

Tiny voices filtered through the veil of sleep into my
brain. The kids from the primary school next door had
gathered for morning assembly. They seemed happy;
their happiness almost mocking my laziness to rise from
sleep. If I cou...

Location photo

April 16 2011 // 3855 Views

Damage Movie

Dear Diary,

The year has barely kicked off and I’m already Co-Producer in a movie! Can you imagine that? Uche Jombo Studios, in partnership with Wow, just produced the first movie in the Damage tri...


February 13 2011 // 4528 Views

Memories Of Xmas

Dear Diary,
It’s a new year, but I just can’t forget last year! Lots of great stuff happened last year. Last year, Wow got nominated for The Future Awards and we made the final three! Last year, I met Olajumoke Tinuoye. Last year, I ...

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