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  The Agbero Blog

August 02 2012 // 3738 Views

Sikira At The Carnival

I was chilling with Mufu inside a bus in the garage when the fools came. There were five of them, and though they trued to put up bold faces, I wasn’t fooled.
“Na u be Taju?”
I looked at the fellow speaking an...

April 12 2012 // 4268 Views

Back To The Beginning

Writer’s Note: Many readers have lamented about how they didn’t get the initial servings of Agbero Blog. For new followers of Wow Magazine and the blog, the Agbero Blog has been in publication since the days of the old Wow. So, for the ne...

February 02 2012 // 3384 Views

The Power Of Two Women

So, where did it all go wrong? How did I get here? When did the easy money overtake the quest for fulfilment? I was so full of promise; how did I end up in the midst of these people? Perhaps, the greatest service I could do to the memory of Agbowo wa...


January 18 2012 // 3854 Views

The Final Straw

Twelve of the attackers were killed, including the one I had nearly chopped off his head.
Agbowo, however, did not make it. My mentor was dead!
In fact, I had missed his funeral. Agbowo was a muslim, and under Islamic rites, a dead person h...


November 19 2011 // 3279 Views

At War

We were at war. With ourselves.
And the attacks on the parks across Lagos continued.
But most clans were already beefing up their
security so the casualties weren’t that many. So far,
nothing had happened on our side but we ...

The Agbero Blog

April 16 2011 // 3932 Views

The Revenge Of Shalimshalanda

We did not disappear.

‘TJ, rub this tin well na! Rub am like you dey rub Sikira’s breasts!’


The Agbero Blog

February 13 2011 // 3786 Views

The Agbero Blog: Shalimshalanda

‘Ah, Taju my boy. Welcome!’
Scorpion greeted me with a beaming smile. My heart leapt out through my mouth when he stood up, walked to me and gave me a bear hug. I just stood there like the figure 1, dazed.
‘Sit down, my...

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