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September 13 2013 // 2910 Views


I love spacious rooms. They give me the freedom to pace around while I’m thinking something through. Sometimes I just sit and admire something I love from across the room while ba...

April 30 2013 // 2754 Views

5 Tips To Find Your Decor Style

If you get stuck on where to begin with a decorating project or are confused as to what direction you are going with your home, here are five tips I use to define my style and give some clarity to my thoughts.

TIP #1:
Art. What you...

August 02 2012 // 3828 Views

Haute Decor

Colour is the most important element in fashion and in décor. Simple outfits can be instantly transformed with a pop of colour and the colours you wear can display what mood you’re in. The use of colour in home décor is a littl...

April 12 2012 // 3165 Views

Creating Serene Spaces

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, sometimes we need an escape which we can create by effectively mixing styles and epochs and creating uniquely attractive spaces. The result is this: the home while typical of the region and h...

February 02 2012 // 2698 Views

Decorating A Home Office

When decorating a home office it's really important that it look like part of your home and not an office cubicle. The key to good office design is good office organization. Check out these tips for keeping things organized.

Define Your Sp...


January 18 2012 // 4130 Views

Stylish Christmas

We all love a little Christmas décor. It’s a reminder that its time for fun, friends and family. Here’s a little hint about making your home look great for Christmas.
Also, you might decide to decorate around a colour, choo...


November 19 2011 // 3404 Views

Gadgets R Us

Technology is something that has come to live with us; something we cannot
now do without: televisions, home theatre systems, washing machines,
fridges, microwaves, blenders, stoves and, yes, even cameras! We have gradually
evolved ...

Clean kitchen

April 12 2011 // 12670 Views

A Little Bit Of Spring Cleaning

Top cleaning tips for your home.

1.       Always start at the top of the room and work your way...

Brown and olive green luxury

February 13 2011 // 4877 Views

Chocolate! For Love's Sake.

Do you remember the story of Charlie and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? I still share the same wish with little Charlie: To live in a chocolate mansion. Imagine having the rich scent and colour of chocolate surrounding you every day! It&rs...

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