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November 09 2013 // 2350 Views


Palazzo pants are more often linked to the bohemian sense of style with the play on print and fabric. in th erecent trend the palazzo pants is proven to be eccentric, not only for the bohemian style , the metropolitan and coperate dressers have fi...

October 22 2013 // 3419 Views

How To Rock The Androgyny Look

Androgyny refers to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Sexual ambiguity is well celebrated in fashion as seen in every trendy designer’s collection. Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Pedro Lourenco and Givenchy all inculcate androgyn...

October 21 2013 // 1989 Views


Dami Idowu, founder and director of the limitless thinking agency A.bout Consultancy, is arguably one of Lagos’ most stylish girls. She shows us around her closet and talks to us about her favourite trends this season....

October 21 2013 // 1877 Views

Zara: Fresh Of The Runway, Hot On The Highstreet

Let’s face it, most of us won’t spend half a million naira on a dress or skirt as there are more pressing and real issues to deal with in life. But that hasn’t stopped the urge to look good and create the illusion of ostentation wit...

September 20 2013 // 1877 Views


It has been called the most inexpensive classic wardrobe staple. It has been a timeless fashion extraordinaire piece for many stylish generations. It comes in loose forms, regular fits and of course fitted forms. Chances are you’ve probably got...

September 16 2013 // 1754 Views


The Runway celebrates and adores black as a colour that screams class. Designers like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Dolce love to play with black like an essential craving. New York Fashion Week on the contrary, replaced the timele...

August 26 2013 // 2986 Views


From ready-to-wear to high-end-couture collections as seen on major look books and catwalks all around fashion’s most influential capitals, what defines a designer’s collection is the mastery of putting together a cohesive theme that d...

August 26 2013 // 1984 Views


Summer is here and one of the hottest trends this summer is the amazing canary yellow. Whether it’s a full immersion or just an accessory, canary always finds a way to unabashedly stand out. Here are a few trendy pieces, prepared to make your f...

June 21 2013 // 5026 Views

Trend Focus: Sports Luxe

It is definitely fashionable to be fit. This season, everything from body-conscious T-shirts and leggings to Luxe sweatshirts and string-vest dresses apply. The updated androgyny is a combination of sports luxeing and simplistic/clean ensembles. I...

June 03 2013 // 1884 Views

Natural Hair-gasm!

I come from Africa, where before the production of relaxer and hair extensions, African women recognized the beauty of their natural hair. They styled it in different ways and still attracted the lads. There is nothing wrong with hair extensions, don...

Valentino Rockstud

May 27 2013 // 2130 Views

WARNING! The Punk Revival

Sometimes the fact that I come from a ‘fashion’ family is annoying. Everyone has an opinion about your clothes, the way they fit, your colour choices…everything! Other times, it is downright amazing. Take today for example: I was p...

Nicole Miller’s Pre-Fall Modern Mod

April 30 2013 // 2202 Views

Black And White: Fashion's Graphic Obsession

At this point, I think you’d have to live under a fashion rock if you haven’t realized that the black and white combination is THE ONE right now. Now if you, for whatever reason, haven’t realized this, you have no excuse after to...

April 22 2013 // 2354 Views

Tight Ain't Right!

I have naturally spent the last month poring through magazines, developing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) from constantly clicking on pictures and links online and just generally saturating my brain with beautiful images. If my mother wasn’t...


April 22 2013 // 2987 Views

Fashion 101: Know Your Photographers

In fashion, a photographer is your best friend. If you’re a make up artist you know how important it is for an image to portray every single stroke the brush made as it came in contact with the model’s face and the exaggerated features...

Kate Moss By Kate Moss, Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion By Bernard Roetzel

April 22 2013 // 2629 Views

FASHION IN READING: Five Favourite Books From 2012

If you are interested in working in the fashion industry, the cliché move is a phone call, or possessing an unbreakable and impressive CV. But for most people who are on top, it requires skill, knowledge and perseverance.


CLUTCH PURSE:  We spotted this piece while shopping online for a client. Drift away from the expected noir and rouge chic and turn heads in this structured number. TURQUOISE BLUE CLUTCH N8000.00 (www.Sheizadiva.com)

April 14 2013 // 2726 Views


From a luxury store to a random flea market, from that A-list gathering to just strutting down the streets of a neighborhood, the finest of ensembles and the most forward of fashionistas can be spotted at the most unexpected moment. Our WOW radar ...

Eddy Photography

April 07 2013 // 2578 Views

Around Fashion: A Mini Journey Through My Eyes

How much about fashion do you know? Do you allow yourself to critique even the best-rated designers, filmmakers or writers? Do you always agree with your mates during a debate? What so new about fashion and all that surrounds it? Is there anything ol...


April 07 2013 // 2197 Views


The Rihanna for River Island collection officially made its debut at the AW13 London Fashion Week. The show’s venue ‘Old Sorting Office is a regular space for Topman/Topshop sponsored shows and at such I did not have to worry about whippi...

Camille Bowens rocking her cropped pants with sandals

April 07 2013 // 2734 Views

I Am Tuxedo Fierce!

This is my second article as a WOW! Magazine contributor and I wanted to write about something cool, edgy and current. So I thought to myself, what better way to do this than to spend absolutely hours trolling fashion and lifestyle websites (I should...

L-R: Aide Unuigbe, Chichi Chukwueke,

February 24 2011 // 5730 Views

Twinkle In Black

Black is every woman's essential safety net. It frames us, slims us, and can take us almost anywhere. Black is chic, stylish, masks stains, classic yet modern. It gives off an aura of power and authority. It’s fashion’s favourite colour....

Guest at Dakore's Wedding

February 24 2011 // 6495 Views

Retro Classy

Remember, how it felt staring at mum's old pictures lovingly with a little bit of envy at the fashion of yesteryears?Here's your chance to steal the show right back. The old iro and buba with short sleeves is back and this time with so many option...

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