About Wow Magazine

WOW is a celebrity lifestyle/entertainment magazine conceived as a resource material for relaxation, information, education and mini-work material for the active Nigerian. The basic concept of the magazine is primarily to showcase the essence and vibrant energy of Nigerians to the entire world. It explores our values, achievements, expectations, fears and the various options available to us in our drive for self-actualization, through celebrity interviews, entertainment, fashion and beauty, lifestyle and lots more; thus promoting the witty and confident side of our celebrities.

WOW magazine is an all colour, all gloss magazine. Published monthly with a print run of 15,000 and has been designed for distribution nationwide through existing distribution network available to us. WOW magazine is a magazine that dares to be different. Hence its cover price that separates it from other soft-sells but keeps it within reach of its target market.

The core target of WOW runs between the young, active, upwardly mobile executives and the mature, discerning and fun-loving readers of all ages, and status.

WOW is for today’s man and woman. It is a viable vehicle for advertising goods/services and ideas targeted at Nigerians and those who share her ideas. And has become advertisers preferred medium to ride into the hearts of the real market.

In December 2010, African Magic labelled Wow “The Fastest Growing Nigerian Magazine.”

Key People

Julie Odia - Publisher

Shonoiki Olanshile - Editor

Adebayo Oke-Lawal - Fashion Editor


Banke Meshida - Beauty Editor