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Have a Wow Christmas

Wednesday January 18 2012    |     Views: 3968    |     Comments: 68   |     Print    Bookmark and Share

Julie Odia - Publisher, Wow
Julie Odia - Publisher, Wow

his issue says it all: Christmas starts here. But if you are anything like me, you’re probably wondering, where did the year go? Does it have to end now? You may feel like you have got so many things left on your to-do list, to start planning Christmas. Truth be told, I’m still working off some of my new year’s resolutions from 2010 not to mention a few items from 2009. But it won’t hurt, would it, to dip into plotting your Christmas glam look. Thank God for your favorite WOW fashion pages, helping to revamp your wardrobe one pretty dress at a time. I’m sure the urge has hit you hard, that desire to shake up your look and update your style.
For many, the start of another fashion season intensifies the yearning to get shopping. I know I’m feeling it, but I’m also feeling the pressure to make sure all my purchases are carefully considered. Now more than ever, versatility is an important criterion for what we spend our money on, which is why we decided on “One blouse:Four Ways” to show you how to wear one blouse in four amazing ways.
Knowing how to make the most of the season’s latest styles ensures your next shopping trip will be a success, ending not with pangs of guilt but with pieces you love and will wear over and over again, at least four different ways.
So I’m sitting here in my room, just finished my morning prayers and I’m about to do my work-out for the day, yet my thoughts are filled with you. You who I recognize with sold out issues and award nominations. You who have allowed me and my great team live our dreams and even more of a blessing that you all stand with us constantly. You have no idea what your support has meant to us. My prayer is that for everything you have done for us, for every copy of WOW you ever purchased that blessed us, it will all come back to you. Stay warm and have a WOW Christmas

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