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Stylish Christmas

Wednesday January 18 2012    |     Views: 4355    |     Comments: 79   |     Print    Bookmark and Share


We all love a little Christmas décor. It’s a reminder that its time for fun, friends and family. Here’s a little hint about making your home look great for Christmas.
Also, you might decide to decorate around a colour, choose a theme and or try out Wow’s Do it Yourself tricks.
1.Put a wreath on the front door. That is the best way to usher anyone into the season. Wreaths with jingling bells.
2.Use lights. Lights show a lot of Christmas spirit. Line your windows with them, your roofs and even the shrubs outside your home… however, try to keep the electrical cords out of sight and do not let the lights stay on all through the day. Switch them on at dusk.
3.Decorate simply. Less is more. Try not to go for the overkill. The accumulation of Christmas decorations over the years no doubt makes us want to display everything. Should you decide to be extravagant with your décor, go all out and be extravagant and not halfway.
4.Share the spirit of Christmas all through your home and not in one spot only. Decorate all around and not in only one spot. Don’t crowd your decorations in one place. It’s better to have the little bits of Christmas everywhere than in one place.
5.Don’t forget your Christmas tree, glitters, and gift boxes. A beautiful, green, fir tree is the perfect symbol for Christmas. And by decorating it, you create a piece that will be remembered with nostalgia throughout the coming year.
6.Where’s that picture you took with Santa last year? It should be framed and should grace the wall this season.
Have fun. Don’t forget Christmas is about being thankful for friends, family and tomorrow


By Folashade Alli-Owe

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