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Transcorp named Most Compliant Listed Firm in Nigeria

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In recognition of its outstanding commitment to upholding the highest levels of corporate governance, Transcorp has been awarded the Company Award for the Most Compliant Firm in Nigeria by the Nigerian Stock Exchange at a distinguished ceremony held on Friday in Lagos.

The award is given to the company which demonstrates the highest degree of compliance with the rules and regulations of disclosure obligations to the Nigerian Stock Exchange in the year under review. The winning company is also expected to have demonstrated its recognition for the importance of corporate governance. Competition for the award was fierce; Transcorp beat (XX) firms to the top spot.

Accepting the award on behalf of Transcorp, Chairman Tony O. Elumelu remarked “when Heirs Holdings took over Transcorp in 2011, one of the core objectives agreed at the very first strategy session was the need to transform Transcorp into an institution with world class corporate governance standards in all its processes, reporting and compliance. This prestigious award confirms that we are delivering successfully on our commitment. The NSE’s stamp of approval acts not just as a powerful recognition of our achievements over the past year but also acts as a motivator to inspire us to continue to raise the bar on corporate governance.”

Oscar Onyema, CEO of the Nigerian Stock Exchange lauded Transcorp for its achievement saying, “The Nigerian Stock Exchange is a cornerstone of our national economy. The success of our capital markets depends on the trust and confidence people have in the Exchange itself and in the companies listed on it. We are driving through a strong set of reforms to position the Exchange as a world class institution serving Africa’s largest economy and we applaud progressive companies such as Transcorp, which act as capital markets ambassadors, leading the industry by demonstrating the highest levels of corporate governance.”

Transcorp CEO Emmanuel Nnorom paid tribute to the team, saying “This highly coveted awardmeans so much for all of us at Transcorp. Our teams have worked tirelessly to meet and exceed the statutory requirements for disclosure and I am delighted to see that this comes not only from a legal and professional obligation but as an integral part of our corporate culture at Transcorp. My heartfelt thanks and congratulations go to every member of the Transcorp team.”

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