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10 Fashion Rules For Men

Monday July 07 2014    |     Views: 3026    |     Comments: 0   |     Print    Bookmark and Share


1. Aim for effortless.
By all means, never look like you spent hours getting ready in the morning. Leave something a bit rumpled; something else a bit un-tucked or un-buttoned. Don’t over-think things.

2. Rocking one color from head-to-toe is seriously elegant.
Consider the suit, which has many moving parts and options. Opting to keep the palette uniform—whether it’s gray or cobalt—gives an outfit a really cohesive feel.


3. Be strategic—and brave!—with your use of prints.
Print-mixing in women’s fashion is on the verge of jumping the shark, but menswear takes a more targeted approach. Opt for an over-the-top blazer, and then keep the rest of your outfit neutral, or take a more subtle outfit and let your accents do the mixing.


4. Fit is everything.
No man expects a suit to fit him like a dream straight off the rack—a trip to the tailor is baked into the buying process. Make your tailor your best friend, and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t fit you like a glove.  


5. Have a sense of humor.
There’s a delicious sense of whimsy in menswear—a touch of cheek in a goofy print, a subtle wink in a flash of hot pink under a collar or shirt sleeve. Don’t take your clothing too seriously! Invest in something that makes you smile.

6. A great, high-fashion suit is a worthy investment.
Sure, this axiom is especially true for men, but a truly fabulous suit can work for men and women, given the right fabric and fit.

7. A suit doesn’t have to be a suit.
Hello! This is why suits are such an excellent investment—they’re two perfectly-fitted staples that you can rotate into your wardrobe in all kinds of ways. Pair a suit top with a pair of crisp white jeans or a suit pant with a killer linen suit jacket. The embellishments—hats, handkerchiefs, et al—are what make the outfit.


8. Ankles are dead sexy.
Seriously! This cannot be over-emphasized fellas. Crop pants or shorts revealing your ankles will surely earn you some cool points.


9. A crisp white tee and jeans can be all the uniform you’ll ever need.
Emphasis on crisp. These guys make us want to buy a 12-pack of ultra-white tees stat.


10. A great pair of sneakers can go with everything.
Sure, we dwell a lot on accessories when it comes to making an outfit, but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive! Sneakers can take the “fuss” out of a formal suit, or give a sporty spin to a crisp ensemble.


via stylecaster.com

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