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Dancing queens- The CEO Dancers

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These three girls have been making huge waves in the UK and in the online community. They have been in the entertainment circle for a while now and worked with literally every afrobeat artist you can think of. So it was only right for us to get them in the studio and have a quick chat.

Ezinne Asinugo, 23, Nigerian (Igbo)

Soliat Bada, 24, Nigerian (Yoruba)

Nqobilé Ntshangase, 25, South African


How did you guys meet?


E: Nqobile and I met at University where we were part of a four member group in the African and Caribbean Society known then as Kocco Dancers. Soliat and I met at an event night after the P-square show in London where we exchanged contacts without knowledge of what the future held. When 2 members of Kocco Dancers left the group, I told Nqobile of this amazing girl I knew that could be perfect for the group. I called Soliat and asked if she would like to help us with a performance that we had in Not­tingham. She said yes; we rehearsed the next day, performed the following day and the rest was history.


How did you end up with the name CEO?


S: As the newest member of the group, I felt that it is only right that we should change the name because we now had a new direc­tion and flavour. We went through all sorts and sounds of names like Fiery Dancers, Fierce Sisters, Dancers in Motion, and the list goes on. I think it was Nqobile who said CEO Dancers and we liter­ally without hesitation all agreed and the name stuck.


There is no doubt that you guys are the forerunners of afrobeat/ afropop in terms of dance as you have toured the world with major afrobeat musicians. How does that make you feel?


N: We feel honoured and privileged to have worked with some many amazing and talented artist in the industry. We have learned a lot from artist D’banj whose work ethic has heavily rubbed off on us. Dr Sid’s positivity at all times has been extremely useful in our career. We can only name a few but we have been truly blessed to have had the opportunity to embark on journeys with these incredible artists.


How do you come up with your dance routines?


E: Oh Goodness! The routines are inspired by whatever we see. It could be a moving train, people playing sport or even cartoons. I remember one time we were watching a cartoon with monkeys beating drums and we loved the movement they were doing so we mimicked the way they were moving and added our flavour, which is a perfect example as this inspired our Britian’s Got Talent Semi- Finals Performance. Artists that inspire our style are the likes of Fela Kuti, Beyonce, Ciara and of course the incredible and legend­ary Michael Jackson. I think Michael is an inspiration to every dancer; his legacy truly lives on.


In the wardrobe department, your costumes are artistic and usually of African heritage. How do you come about your stage pieces?


N: We have been lucky to have worked with great designers like Neda Haghighat, Bukky Denim, Coco Caramel, Nicola Atkin­son, Perby Fumudoh who have understood fully what we do and translated that through our costumes. Similar to our style of dance we love to incorporate all the modern fashion/ trends and spice it up with some African flavour which I believe makes us different. Therefore, our costumes play a huge part in our image, especially on Britain’s Got Talent where before we even danced, people were intrigued by our outfits and automatically knew we were going to do something ‘different’. I believe it’s really important that in everything we do, especially being an African-influenced group in the commercial dance industry, that we remain different and fully grasp our African-ness which really makes us unique.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?


S: We are proud to have won 3 awards and we want to continue working hard to bring out more amazing prod­ucts. Being on Britian’s Got Talent has definitely been the highlight of our year and we are so grateful to have performed on such a huge platform and brought more awareness of Afrobeat music and dancing.

What has been your best performing experience so far?


N: Oh my God! We have two. First one has to be our per­formance with D’banj at Hackney Weekend 2012. I must say that is was an outer body experience.

Second would be Britian’s Got Talent Semi Finals Perfor­mance. It was our first time having back-up dancers, jumping out of toasters (Destinys Child style), receiving a standing ovation and the best feedback from the judges. What an awesome night! Regardless of not making the finals, we left on a high and positive note and felt we had achieved what we came to do.


What has been your worst?


E: We don’t really have a worst. We always get wardrobe malfunctions which is hilarious because it’s awkward to dance without the audience noticing.


Who is the mummy of the group?


N & S: Ezinne!


Who is the messiest in the group?


E: Ezinne! (Laughs)

If you girls weren’t dancing, what would you be doing?

E: Accounting, if I listened to my parents, or presenting, if I went with what I enjoyed doing.

S: Well, I’ve always been interested in food so I’d prob­ably in culinary school training to be a chef; the girls call me ‘chef bleu bleu.’ (Laughs)

N: Oh gosh! Since 2008, I’ve been into Styling and Fashion and before dancing fully kicked off, I was work­ing as a stylist. So styling (actually Creative Consulting) is a great passion of mine so I could so see myself in that career field. Also modelling and TV presenting/hosting.


What plans for the future do you girls have in store for the world?


S: We are currently on our World Tour. We’ve just finished Ireland, Amsterdam, Scotland and we are off to Canada next. Also, just working on being the best CEO dancers that we can be. Our work-out DVD will soon be out. We would love to do an Africa tour also and tap into other ventures of the industry like making dance music.

L-R: Nquobile, Ezinne and Soliat
L-R: Nquobile, Ezinne and Soliat




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