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Men: Would you wear 'Meggings' ?!

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Andrew Volk and Adam Freck of Chicago-based company
Andrew Volk and Adam Freck of Chicago-based company "Meggings Man

Suddenly men decided they liked the fit of women’s jeans, so designers responded with skinny jeans for men. Then, girlfriends and wives alike discovered that their partner’s clothes were more comfortable, and out popped Boyfriend Jeans, Boyfriend Tees, and Boy Shorts. Now, the men have made their retaliation with Meggings.


Meggings have been around for quite a while, and they sure seem like they’re going to stick around.They are solely intended for men, and honestly require a lot of guts to be able to wear one.

About a year ago, entrepreneurs Andrew Volk and Adam Freck of Chicago-based company "Meggings Man”, were convinced meggings -- yes, leggings for men -- were just on the verge of a breakthrough.  And with good reason, it turns out.

On Dec. 15 of last year, the two men launched Meggings Man, their online-only business dedicated entirely to leggings crafted specifically for guys.

They've been working tirelessly to keep up with orders ever since. Within a week of the Meggings website going live, they say they sold out of their first run of inventory. Their second run sold out just as quickly and back orders were piling up in a response Freck described as "beyond expectations."

With all the mockery and criticsm, meggings have received in recent years, one has to wonder if the trend has staying power. Both Volk and Freck, who have worked in apparel and e-commerce for the past five years, insist that it does.

"I think this is the right time for meggings," Volk said. "I think men are getting more comfortable with wearing something like this, more so than they ever have. I truly don't think it will be something that comes and goes within a year."

The men's venture started when they began noticing men wearing women's leggings and not exactly pulling off the look.

"I just feel that they weren't fitting as well as I felt they could," Volk explained. "Certain areas were showing too much, certain areas weren't very flattering on male legs, so we made some samples."

The meggings are a polyester-spandex blend and start at $29.95 going up to $10 more for metallic fabrics and prints like galaxy, camouflage and nebula. They have an extra panel of fabric added to the hips to make them roomier for mens' typically larger upper legs, as well as a wider waist band and a sort of faux zipper fly that gives them an appearance that references jeans.

Celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber and Russell Brand have been spotted rocking Meggings.


Mowale Ajose-Adeogun


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