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Kim Kardashian Finally Speaks on Her Vogue Cover

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It's the gift - or rather the cover - that just keeps on giving. Less than a week after Kim and Kanye were revealed as the cover stars of April's edition of US Vogue the reality TV star and paparazzi mogul couple have been talked about everywhere, from Twitter to the pub, and all in between. And just last night, Kim appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she talked in more detail about the shoot. From baby North's peeing habits to a secret meeting with Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton, here's what Kimmy dished on...

1. Kim didn't tell her sisters about the shoot
"It was such a secret, I didn't tell my sisters, I didn't tell anyone. My mom knew because we had to use parts of her home, so it was this top secret mission trying to keep out all of my sisters and everyone from the shoot... They were a little suspicious but I just said Kanye was shooting something at my mom's house and it was really private... I don't keep the best secrets, I have the biggest mouth ever."

2. North peed on Kanye during the shoot
"North peed on him [Kanye] right at that moment, and he was trying to tell me and I couldn't really hear him and I had to get up and get her and clean her off, clean him off. So that was a good memory..."

3. US Vogue has always been Kim's dream
"Just to be in the same name as so many great people who have been on the cover is such an honour. It's such an honour to have Anna Wintour pick us. I know that we're the first in a lot of things - like Kanye is the first rapper and I'm the first reality person to be on and we're the first interracial couple. All of these just been so much to Kanye and I. Every girl grows up dreaming that they can be on the cover of Vogue. I've collected vintage Vogues forever so it's just honestly the biggest dream come true."

4. She got to meet Sarah Burton IRL
"I felt like the real-life Carrie Bradshaw. It was like the Sex And The City moment when you're doing a shoot for Vogue trying on wedding gowns. I mean, I even had to fly to London to go meet with Sarah Burton from McQueen and that was a top secret mission in itself because I landed and all the paparazzi were there and I had to figure out how to get into this office without any of them seeing me..."

5. Hamish Bowles and Grace Coddington went in disguise
"That is Hamish Bowles and Grace Coddington. He's wearing Kanye's hoodie..."

The couple had dinner with Anna Wintour after Kim's interview.

6. Kanye's getting creative for the wedding
"He [Kanye] is super creative and so I'm so excited that he's really involved in making sure it all looks amazing and is amazing. He's just so the type of guy that's like the strength of our relationship, so when I'm stressed out he wants to just alleviate that stress. So even if it's something that he's not really into, he'll figure it out just to make me not be so stressed out... I'm leaving all the music up to him."

7. The pair spend a lot of time in Paris
"We spend a lot of time in Paris as it's a lot for any guy, especially as he's an only child moving into this house with a tonne of girls. It can be really overwhelming I think at times so, you know, I think he does the best he can. And my whole family love him and he loves them and it's great."

8. Kanye uses Kendall and co as a study group
"He uses it as a workshop also because my little sisters are there with all their friends. So when he's designing for his Adidas line he'll bring all the samples and totally use them as a study group to see whether they like it."

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