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Myth- ‘Mini Outfits are meant for younger or single ladies’ implying that older women are to completely avoid mini skirts
Fact- Any age group can rock a mini outfit just ensure it’s not to the extreme. The idea is to focus on your beautiful long legs and boost your outfit a mini outfit can be a dress, skirt or shorts.

Myth- ‘Horizontal striped clothing gives a bigger look’
Fact- On the contrary horizontal clothing gives a slimmer look while vertically striped clothing which is generally assumed to give a trimmer look actually makes you appear bigger than your natural self. It is recently discovered that the horizontal stripes in which ever clothing makes u appear slimmer than you actually are and gives the body a curvy appearance. This is definitely a do ladies…

Myth- ‘Your tie should always match your shirt’
Fact-  Ties should not always match the shirt but should complement your shirts instead of always having to play safe and making your shirts look dull try adding a pop of colour to give a different and classy look although it has to blend with the pants the idea is to keep the look minimal.

Myth- ‘Avoid belts if you are full figured’
Fact- Belts asides being a fashion accessory is also designed to accentuate your curves especially when placed above the waist line also for ladies who do not have the all that curves. Do not be afraid to try adding belts to your fashion accessory it doesn’t have anything to do with your size.

Myth- ‘Long dresses are not for petite women it makes them obviously short’
Fact- ‘long dresses/maxi dresses also give petite women the height they never had, it flows all the way down adding an illusion that you are taller than you really are which should not be avoided but be a must have for petite ladies.

Tiwa Savage in a mini
Tiwa Savage in a mini

Jill Scott in a lovely dress wearing a gold strapped belt
Jill Scott in a lovely dress wearing a gold strapped belt

Petite Tika Sumpter wearing a long dress and an ankle strapped heel
Petite Tika Sumpter wearing a long dress and an ankle strapped heel

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