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Sophy Aiida The Rising Star of Afro Pop Music

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SOPHY AIIDA is a young French-Cameroonian woman based in New York City, well-known as an actress and TV host.

From an early age Sophy’s passion for art and an innate love for performing stirred her towards the entertainment industry. She is a multi-talented artist with an inborn passion for music. At the age of two Sophy’s boundless energy and curiosity led her to take acting classes, where it was clear she was a natural performer. Inspired by her early experiences, she fell in love with the stage and was determined to establish a career as an international actress.

In 2008, Sophy moved to New York City to fulfil her dream of becoming a full-fledged artist. Full of ambition, Sophy was committed to this new challenge and continued to take courses in acting and singing in order to perfect her talents. It wasn’t long before she gained recognition, branching into a new field, hosting! Her charisma and talent enabled her to quickly build a career as a radio and TV host, often appearing on shows in the United States and Africa. From 2008 to 2009 she hosted a program on Sunu Afrik Radio in New York City and was also a host on Afro-Carib Television. These first professional experiences marked the beginning of a series of requests to present and co-host events and ceremonies, which included the World Cup Football in 2010, Afrotainment Museke Awards in 2011 and the 2012 Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

On December 30th 2012, Sophy also co-hosted the Kora Awards ceremony in Abdjan, Africa’s version of the Grammys, alongside major African figures in the entertainment industry; Yves Robert Brazza and Zogbo Junior. The televised event was broadcast across Africa and marked the emergence of an exciting, young presenter who can clearly be defined as the new face of the African youth!

In 2010, two years after moving to New York City, Sophy attended a casting for a Nollywood film. It was there that she was invited by the film’s director to perform a monologue in front of the production team. Sophy’s raw talent quickly caught their attentions. The next day she was cast as ‘Ify’, one of the main characters in the film ‘Unwanted Guest’, released in the United States and Nigeria in 2012. The film was nominated for Academy Awards Movie Africa and earned Sophy a nomination for ‘Best Actress’ at NAFCA (Nollywood and Africa Film Critics’ Awards). The webzine Afrokanlife also named Sophy Aiida ‘the princess of Nollywood’. Back in Paris, her childhood town, Sophy was again in the spotlight! On January 4th 2013, the Parisian press discovered the movie ‘Jeu de Couples”, a romantic Afro-European comedy. Sophy Aiida played the lead role, which was her first role in French. Her natural portrayal of a fragile young woman in love and facing the infidelity of her mate stood out. As a result Sophy gained positive recognition from film industry professionals and journalists alike (Female Culture magazine mentioned her performance). The public was equally impressed by the film and Sophy’s strong and emotional performance. ‘Jeu de Couples’ received much praise after its first official screening, and has been selected for the 11th edition of International Film Festival Ouidah, as well as the International Pan-African Festival of Cannes, suggesting a bright future for the film’s success.

Through her talent and sheer determination Sophy has successfully established herself as an actress. Her work ethic and patience have allowed her to live her childhood dreams. Now, her music career marks a new and exciting chapter in her life. After exploring her talents in various artistic fields, Sophy Aiida has returned to her first love, music! With a natural vocal ability and musicality, it is clear she was born to do it! When Sophy hears melodies a story forms and soon after, a memorable song is created. This is exactly how she conceived her debut tract in New York, ‘Break It Down’.

Written and produced by the young performer, Sophy’s first foray as a recording artist has seduced many from the first listen. Her melodious voice, combined with a catchy beat and chorus resonate in the head! ‘Break it Down’ flirts with electro sounds and pop, mixed with African rhythms. The result, an explosive melodic cocktail which is set to be THE summer hit!

Those who have heard her first recording have tipped Sophy Aiida to conquer the international pop landscape.

Sophy’s artistic choices are influenced by a diverse mix of cultures, which are echoed in her music. Inspired by a variety of artists with individual styles, such as Bob Marley, Rihanna, Angelique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassi and Wizkid, Sophy Aiida is well positioned to make her mark on the international stage and become THE iconic female figure of Afropop.

By surrounding herself with a team of industry experts in Paris and London in order to shape her music career, Sophy Aiida aims to invigorate and inspire the youth of Africa, Europe and beyond with an album rich in colour!

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