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I love spacious rooms. They give me the freedom to pace around while I’m thinking something through. Sometimes I just sit and admire something I love from across the room while basking in the sheer euphoria of space. Regardless of whether or not you live in a tiny apartment or a detached house, there’s space you’re neither seeing nor using. Here are a few tips on maximizing your space.

Think vertically; whether you’re hanging art or shelves or placing furniture, don’t let vertical space go to waste. It draws the eye up and makes the space seem more expansive.

Use the mirror effect. Use mirrors and glass to create reflections and bounce light around. This helps to maximize lightening effect. Hang art in glass frames and or put mirrors in corners of rooms. Light is very essential in making a small room look grand.

Don’t buy any supplies until you know exactly what you need. Some people avoid putting large pieces of furniture in small rooms.  This is not often true. A large sectional is often better than a small sofa and chair. Just keep the main furnishings in proportion to each other and avoid bold patterns or overstuffed furniture. Use furniture that doesn’t cover floor space, such as furniture with exposed feet rather than covers or other materials that go all the way to the floor. The more of the floor you can see, the more open and airy a room will feel. Clear as much off the floor as possible.

Install to-the-ceiling cabinets. Light coloured cabinets, open shelves and glass front doors lighten a space. Too many cabinets especially dark coloured ones will give an impression that the room is smaller than it actually is. However, don’t add storage for the sake of storage. Make sure you’re not just lining all your walls with shelves so you can store stuff you’re not using.

Use the inside of cupboard and wardrobe doors. Hangers and magnetic glue on the inside of cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes immediately add extra space to hang your jackets, corks and openers.

Tend to your windows. Hang curtains from the ceiling rather than from the top of the window. This adds height and drama to the room. Don’t obstruct your windows so when you pull your curtains back, let it fall at the side of your window rather than at the edge.  That way, the entire pane is clear. Windows enhance the view of the outside and give you the feel of a long view.

Bear in mind that every room has eight corners so make use of that space you’re not seeing.


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