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15 Minutes with Mo Eazy

Monday August 26 2013    |     Views: 2725    |     Comments: 0   |     Print    Bookmark and Share

Signed on to Darey Art Alade's Soul Muzik, Mo Eazy is new talent bursting with a lot of promise. Having worked with the likes of 2Face, Darey, Nate James, Craig David and Modenine, Mo Eazy is putting his mark on the Nigerian music scene with critically acclaimed singles like Kosoro, Smile and Never Going Down.


How would you describe Mo Eazy’s style as an artist?
Mo Eazy's style as an artist varies and mostly depends on how I'm feeling.

What differentiates your music from everything else out there?
With the experience gained from my time in Europe and having my mindset to always create music most people, if not everyone can relate to, I believe my music is very different to many things out there.

You just released a combo of two singles. How has the acceptance to your music been so far?
It has been amazing, the feedback has been very positive and the support from the media and my fans is very well appreciated.

What were you doing before music?
I'm a degree holder in Information Technology but I've pretty much been into music before and after graduation.

How did your music career start?
For as long as I can remember I have always been a lover of music because I felt like it is the only way I could express my feelings. It became a huge passion of mine, and as I grew older and older with more understanding of music, I decided to make it my career.

Why did you choose this particular genre of music?
Well, I wouldn't say I "chose" this particular genre of music because I don't really box myself into one particular genre of music. Even though what I mostly do is rap, I'm very much capable of delivering in other genres as well. For instance, the recently released single "Smile" has a little bit of singing in it and "Never Going Down" which was also recently released and features Darey Art-Alade has a bit of the rock feel to it.

Do you remember your first ever public performance?  How was it?
My first EVER public appearance? That was in the church at a very young age. It went really well to my surprise.

When not making music, what do you do?
When I am not making music I am mostly watching movies and when I'm not watching movies, I try to communicate and interact with my fans.

Which artistes have you worked with, and which ones would you like to work with?
I have worked with 2Face, Darey, Nate James, Craig David, Iwan, DBlack, ModeNine just to name a few. I would like to work with creative minds, pretty much people I feel can inspire me.

Which artistes do you see as role models?
I wouldn't really say I have an artiste role model but I do respect many artistes, including Pharrel Williams, Jay Z, Kanye just to name a few.

You relocated to Nigeria from the UK. How has it been?
It has been very different and challenging but I love every moment of it.

How has your music relationship with Darey been?
My music relationship with Darey has been great. I feel blessed because I am able to learn from his experiences in this industry.

The video for Kosoro remains quite memorable since its release. What inspired it?
The concept for the video came from both the Director of the video and the SoulMuzik Management.

What’s next for Mo Eazy?
Next for me will be more quality output of music for my fans and music lovers and promotion of the recently released singles "SMILE" and "NEVER GOING DOWN".

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