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Yemi Alade: Rising Beyond the Peak

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Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

Since winning the Peak Talent Show, Yemi Alade has gone ahead to prove that she's really a bundle of talent. In this short interview, Osagie Osagz Alonge banters with Yemi on diverse subjects.

You refer to yourself as that "Yoruba-Ibo" girl. Why?
It’s simple; my father hails from Ondo State and my mum, Abia State. I ‎love my parents equally, so it’s not strange that their different tribes, languages and cultures are very dear to my heart. That’s where the moniker "Yoruba-Ibo" came from.

You are one of the many female acts out there. What do you think will distinguish you from the rest?
My music has soul and persona like no other artiste I have heard of so far, including my male counterparts. On first listen, the difference is always clear.


Critics have noted similarities between your latest video ‘Ghenghen love’ and US pop star Beyonce's ‘Crazy in love’. Is it a coincidence or outright swagger-jacking?
It’s simply coincidence.


After that raunchy music video with DIPP, some have labelled you a sex symbol; do you think you're sexy?
I don't consider myself as ‘sexy’ but rather, a strong African woman. But I also know that if I were someone else, I would date ‘me’.

Just to be clear, did you and DIPP ever hit it off after that video shoot?

Which male artistes out now do you find attractive?
Actually, none.

If for instance you were asked out by let’s say D'banj, would you oblige?
Well, that would depend on if I am seeing someone at the moment or not. I just might.

How do you respond to criticism that you are unoriginal?
Unoriginal? I would laugh out loud for days. Makes no sense!

You won the Peak Talent Show because of your vocals. Did you receive professional training at any point in your life or you taught yourself how to sing?
I had a little vocal training after winning the competition. For ‎me, I think my constant practice has helped ‎me thus far.

Why did you leave your former label JustKiddin’ Entertainment to join your new home Effyzzie Music Group?
No particular reason; time and chance played their role.

You are releasing a mixtape called ‘Aristo Music.’ What inspired that? When will your debut album be ready and is there a title for it?
Here in Nigeria, we refer to anything random as aristo. Basically, this mixtape is a compilation of popular songs of other artistes that I ‎love; songs of old, songs that might not make my album because they don’t flow with the theme of the record.It’s a gift to all my fans. My album is ready and should be released at any given time. We at Effyzzie realize the delicate state of album release so when the time is right, we'll release the album and of course, its title.

What would you change about yourself, if you have the power to?
Change? Physically, nothing; personally, I'll be more prayerful.

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