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5 Tips to Find Your Decor Style

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If you get stuck on where to begin with a decorating project or are confused as to what direction you are going with your home, here are five tips I use to define my style and give some clarity to my thoughts.

TIP #1:
Art. What you have chosen to hang on your walls says something about you. Art is purely personal, not tied to function or need and therefore is usually the best indication of your style. A vintage movie poster means you probably like classic lines in furniture, while an abstract lithograph likely means that modern design is your bag. Flea market oil painting of someone else's relative? Eclectic is your style.

What's your favourite getaway? Always stay in cosy country B&Bs? Like the modern city high-rise hotel? Or do you go more for the traditionally furnished places?
Think about places you love (or would like to go!), the style of your home’s architecture, the landscape or terrain around your home, inspiration from favourite books, flowers, hobbies, etc. Use a few inspiration words to paint a picture in your mind of what your home will look like.

Make a list of treasures you’d like to collect or find over time.

Once you have a short list of inspiration words, you can zero in on appropriate ideas to focus on as you move forward with your projects, rather than go with every style whim or buy every random trinket you see.

Making a list of the kinds of things you want to have in your home helps save tons of money (no more random purchases you don’t know what to do with) and gives you some fun things to scout out at garage sales or thrift stores.

It also helps you WEED OUT the things you no longer need in your home.

What unites your stuff? Do you have terra-cottas, rusts and warm yellows all around your house? These are the sun-kissed colours of Mediterranean design, so you should look for rough-hewn wood tables, terra-cotta lamps and vases to polish up your style. Does all your furniture have lean, sharp lines, and you don't have a single thing on your mantel? Your style is thoroughly modern. Whether it is colour, scale, shape or era, the uniting element in your home is the best place to start when looking for your style.

Find appropriate inspiration photos.

Look for photos in magazines that evoke the feelings you want to have in your home. For best results, find rooms that have something in common with yours, such as size or style of windows, similar room layouts, comparable architectural styles or other similarities.

Don’t get hung up on worrying that it is an expensive room full of things you can’t have. That is stinkin’ thinkin’. Recreating a look on a budget is fun and completely doable.

By Folashade Alli-Owe

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