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Meet David Imonitie

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David Imonitie Jnr
David Imonitie Jnr

David Imonitie’s story is one of surviving against all odds. At 21, after starting his own network marketing company, David still lived with his parents and drove a beat-up Chevy Malibu. But by the age of 29 he has reached the very top in Organo Gold and is among the top 5 income earners in the fast growing network marketing company today. As of June 2012 David Imonitie earned $250,000 per month.

David credits his success, after years of failing in the industry, to the incredible mentorship and coaching of Mr. Holton and Earlene Buggs.  From this dynamic couple he learned several principles that govern how to create wealth. Today David has taken these principles along with several wealth building philosophies and is now coaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of individuals to lead the financial revolution.

As a "Do It First" leader, David has focused on one major philosophy; help people get what they want out of life and in return you will have everything you want out of life. Over the years, David has helped and shown thousands of people all over the world to dream big and more importantly that those dreams will become a reality with hard work and determination, but above all learning the principle that YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT.

Organo Gold is founded by Bernardo Chua, in 2008 and is on a mission, spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the four corners of the world and partnering with thousands of people along the way. Using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver these Ganoderma products, more of every dollar is shared with the growing Organo Gold family world-wide.

What’s the business that has made you so successful?
What I do for a living is within the multi-level marketing industry. Some people call it network marketing or relationship marketing. Basically it’s where anybody, any average ordinary person like myself, could start something from home, start his own business from little to no money. I’ve been involved in this industry now for almost nine years. So that’s what I do.

Before that, what were you into?
I got into the industry when I was 21. I was there for four years and after four years I wasn’t so successful at it. I left with only 32 credits. So that wasn’t my path. My education didn’t come through Maths and science and reading. My education came through people, came through wealth; learning how to create impact. That’s where I got educated.

So how has your life changed since then?
Well it was a change that didn’t happen right away. I think that the first thing most people have to do is to make that decision that they want more out of life. So that’s what it really was. At 21, my mind was open to the idea of making money. When I was a kid, I was open to that idea, but somewhere along the line, society and reality didn’t allow me to dream big. But once I got exposed to certain people that were making a significant amount of income, those dreams started to come alive again. I just went through a process of learning how to do business, learning how to understand people. Believe me if you can understand people, then you can become wealthy. After about 5 years of failing, I was finally able to have that breakthrough, to the tune of the opportunity that I’m in right now, where a lot of success happened right away.

So how successful would you say you are currently?
Very successful. I mean, we don’t just become multi millionaires overnight, but with opportunity and time, though mine happened after 2 years of being involved in the business. But I think my success is truly based on the number of people that I’ve been able to help. A lot of people that earn 6 figures and a number of people that earn 7 figures are a part of our group. I’ve learned directly from them and I have benefited from the things that I learn from all those great people. Those benefits are from their being successful. So that’s how I really measure my success; not about the fortune, but about how many people I’ve been able to help.

Now talking about multi level marketing, a lot of people are still sceptical about it. What does your own kind of multi level marketing offer? How does it differ from what’s out there already?
Well for any business you start, there would be challenges. What I say to those people is that there are challenges everywhere, in every country, but only the strong survive. If you want to start a business, a traditional business, you’ll need hundreds of thousands of dollars to start. But network marketing gives you the opportunity to start from little to no money. I think the difference in our company is the leadership that we have and that the product will absolutely work. People have really seen great benefits from utilizing the product. Incredible testimonies are taking place, so I think patience is what’s needed.

Are you planning to bring your business to Nigeria?
Yes, we are eventually. We are working on that right now. We are looking at sometime in June or July of 2013. We will have it officially opened by then.

How viable do you think it would be in Nigeria?
I think it’s going to be incredible. I believe so, and the reason is because even before we opened up, there has been pretty much that has taken place. People are truly excited about the product already. Even before we officially opened up here, people are willing to make money by selling the product.

What would you say is your key driving philosophy as a person?
Believing. I heard as a kid that all things are possible to those that believe. I didn’t agree and understand that as a kid, but as I grew older and I studied people that were very successful, one of the things that they kept saying was that you just have to believe. I thought that was selfish. Then I told myself, ‘Ok how do I believe?’ So I went out to study what believing was all about. You know, one of the things that I love to do is breaking down words. If you look at the word ‘believe,’ there are only 2 words in there: be and live. And then live actually means ‘loved by God.’ So when you believe, you are actually affirming that you are loved by God, and when you are in a state of unbelief, it’s the opposite. I was able to finally understand that we were created to believe.

Let’s go back to you for a second there. How has your childhood been? What’s your story from leaving Nigeria to US? Are you American? Are you Nigerian? Who exactly are you?  

Well I’m Nigerian. I was born in the United States. As soon as I was old enough to travel we moved back to Nigeria. The first 10 years of my life were here, with my mom and my dad. I learned about doing business from my mom. Both my parents are pastors, so I think my spirituality and my upbringing has a lot to do with where I am today. My mom, my two sisters and I moved back to America in 1993, and we obviously struggled in the very beginning. I watched my mom raise us for 3 years; it was just us. I graduated high school and moved to Houston, Texas, where I currently live now. I went to college(even though I didn’t finish). I was very fortunate to have a daughter at the age of 20. She is my driving force to be successful. I think people that need to be successful are actually successful if they have children or loved ones that need to be taken care of. You are certainly gonna do everything within your power to make sure that you are successful because of them. So that’s my story in a nutshell.

From your religious background to a life of fame, fortune and luxury. How do you manage that new life?
I don’t think it’s all about staying in the luxury and all that. I think people can live that kind of life style they desire if they can picture it. You know, I tell people all the time that you don’t get what you want out of life, you get what you picture. So if you can find a mentor, great. I think that’s what happened to me. When I found a coach and a mentor, Mr Buggs, somebody that I can really watch and see, it really made a big difference. I’ve been here in Nigeria, and these past few days have been an interesting experience. I’ve got more gratitude for what it is that I have. I’m going to go back and tell the people in the states that they have no excuse. They don’t know what hard life is. They should just come here and look at people’s faces. Talking to my mom, she told me that almost 50% of the population live on less than a dollar a day! That’s just incredible!

How differently do you remember Nigeria since you left?
There’s definitely been some growth in the country. I think there is more to be done though. There’s more that we can do. What I would like to see, is more people giving back. It’s probably one of the reasons I’ll be coming back to Nigeria. We’ve started a foundation called the “I Believe Foundation” and today was the first initiative that we took. We went to a school in Osun State to give out shoes to kids, and just seeing faces and happiness was just great. We are going be giving out over 150,000 pairs of shoes this year to kids that maybe have shoes or don’t have shoes. I’m looking forward to that.

So what’s next in line for David Jnr?
A lot of service, a lot of giving back. I like doing that and would continue to. Through the foundation, I plan to give back to people. My goal in life is to pass the wealth around. So everything that I do, everything that happens in my life every single day, is geared towards that. I plan on reaching out to 1billion people before I leave this earth.

What words do you have for the people out there?
If anybody is looking for some advice on what to do, starting from now if you want to change your life, the number 1 thing is to really find out what you want for your live, what you desire. It’s amazing, I asked the kids today at the school what they wanted, and a lot of them said that they want books, they want school bags. One little girl said she wanted yam and egg and I just thought that was so innocent. But I want people to start having reasons why they want to be successful. Then, the channel is what sacrifice you are willing to make, because there’s no such thing as something for nothing. So what do you want to give up? Also, find a mentor; it doesn’t have to be somebody physical. It could be a book, it could even be a tape. Some books that you should read: ‘Magic of Believing.’ We also have an audio that is out. It’s called ‘Conceive, Believe and Achieve Your Way to the Next Level.’ You can get that from davidimonitie.com. Plan out the work, take out a vocation, a business that you are passionate about. Then go out there, execute it and work hard.

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