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Haute Decor

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Colour is the most important element in fashion and in décor. Simple outfits can be instantly transformed with a pop of colour and the colours you wear can display what mood you’re in. The use of colour in home décor is a little trickier though because you have to live with your colour choices for an extended period of time. In fashion if you decide to wear a black outfit but later realize black doesn’t flatter your skin tone, you can immediately take it off. It’s much harder to change the entire colour scheme of a room on a whim. Monochromatic styles are making their way over to the realm of interior decorating too, and some of the most intriguing room designs I’ve seen lately have relied heavily on one dominant colour.
Monochromatic rooms can be very soothing because there are no bright or jarring colours to interrupt a smooth flow of a single colour.  However, monochromatic rooms can be boring.  You can alleviate the boredom factor by introducing lots of texture and a range of tones within the colour palette.
When decorating rooms it’s important not to think of them as a single entity.
Every room should connect to those around it in some way. If they don’t you end up with a very choppy looking and disjointed home.
The best thing to do is use a base colour in each room. If you have a base colour that flows through, it should keep that flow. For example you could choose a very light beige or white as the base colour for each room, and decorate in different colour for each room’s mood.
Even though you may use different colour schemes in each room, make sure you keep within the same style – don’t try Asian red decor in one room, then retro orange styling in another, then a cottage blue and white in another – it will leave your visitors confused on what your house is really saying about you – unless you have multiple personalities.
When decorating rooms and painting them in different colours, paint the trim all one colour. It’s an easy way to make the rooms connect to each other.
Conversely, do you want a bold and statement colour in each room of your home?  Well, why not choose just ONE colour! It makes your homes appear larger, tailored, and less chaotic. Monochromatic design does not have to be dull to be effective. What’s more? It’s IN.


By Folashade Alli-Owe

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