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Dear Newlyweds

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This month I will like to focus my radar on that group of love birds who have one way or the other agreed to spend their lives with that one special person with a bond of love and affection for one another all the days as long as they live!
Being engaged or staying in a serious relationship is like a warm up period before the rigorous exercise of marriage. It’s a whole different experience and to make sure it is lasting, we must acknowledge and commit ourselves to it. Marriage is a choice but unlike every other choice, you first love and then you are capable of making the right choice.
Marriage is a lasting promise humans come to earth to keep. ‘And you shall leave your mother and your father and become one in holy matrimony.’ When they pledge themselves in marriage, they promise to love and protect as well as provide and appreciate one person out of the many billions of people in the human race. Find this attached to the YES I DO!
New Beginnings
Firstly I say congratulations, for finding the joys, and understanding the need to share your life with someone special. It is indeed a good feeling everyone prays and hopes for but not everyone gets. I will like to share some little but very important advice with you this month so please read carefully!

Making new traditions
Newlyweds most times are the ones that feel the greatest love for each other following research results. Now that you have decided to share your life with someone else, you should also learn to make room for them in your life. The life of a single person can never be compared to that of the married couple. You always have to think for two. The husband should always learn to put into consideration the wife and the wife should also consider the husband’s opinion on things and basic matters. All those private times are somehow diluted as you always have someone there to share it with.
It’s hard, trust me, to suddenly let someone into you whole life just like that but at the end the beautiful beginning is a better way of creating a concrete foundation for a perfect ending.
Marriage should always be a mutual understanding of both parties involved with a lot of respect and appreciation for each other.

As simply spelt as these words are, they can change a situation from worst to best. Never assume that because you are now married you would not have to ask for anything or that you should forget to use the words thank you, because it’s your right and not a privilege to have things now. “Please” only shows that you have regard for your spouse and that you understand that even with the inconveniences it might cause them to help you, you are truly grateful.

It is usually perceived that the women are the weaker sex but sometimes we forget that both genders have consciences. Men also feel the need to be sorry but never get the right chances or opportunity to express themselves. According to John Gray, the reason why men don't apologize more is that to women, apologies don't just work! Or at least men don't think they work and the women never believe that men are completely repentant and I AM SORRY is only buying them time to make greater mistakes. But really what it should be, is a clear mind to an open apology. When a man is unwilling to consider his mistakes, a woman will dwell on his mistakes until he does. Once one person can stand up to apologize for something, task yourself (as hard as it may seem) to lock it up in that world called the past and throw the keys away forever.

Ever heard that talking about it is a good way to start off with making things better? Well communication is one habit newlyweds have to always maintain to grow a very good and healthy relationship and build up the habit of talking always. Share the experiences, make him one of the girls. And of course, men, blend her in perfectly as one of the guys.
Between all the drama and the unexpected happenings in the new phase of life, there is great room for great beginnings of finding balance and making your life partner a part of every single moment that counts.
Magazines and write-ups on love can only guide you in your relationship, but without the two of you involved being in total control, it’s as good as gone. Make your life together a fun spree.

Special Shout Out to:
The lovely Stephanie and Linus Idahosa, Enterprising Funke and Kenny Almaroof, Amazing Uche and  Kenney Rodriguez, also all the newly weds all over the world. God bless your unions. Amen


By Isiomah Nwegbu

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