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Conversations with the Self: Understanding Money II

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THE LAW OF RESTITUTION: This law is often and quite easily the most neglected because it is so easy to forget. Simply put, give back what you borrow! Do not forget or neglect to return what is borrowed. Borrowing is a blessing and a privilege because borrowing can only occur if you have certain forces at work for you. There are four things that are greater than money; such that if you do not have any money, but you have all or any of the four operating in your life, money will find you! They are Favour, Access, Ideas and Influence.
Favour is simply what you enjoy when a person decides to make available to you, ALL their resources to help you. When you violate the Law of Restitution, you lose Favour!
Close on the heels of that is Access. If you have access to Aso Rock, what in the world could be your problem as far as finances are concerned? Similarly if you violate the Law of Restitution, you lose Access because you can no longer go back to borrow from where you have neglected to fulfill your obligations. It has been said that you are only a maximum of four people away from whomever you need to make contact with. Therefore, access is not such impossibility; however access must be respected and not taken for granted. Today in this country, there are those who “sell access” and have made huge sums of money from doing just that! It is said that the most powerful man on earth is Obama. Did you know that you are no more than four people away from Obama? If you know someone (e.g. your Pastor) who knows the governor who knows the President…voila you are in front of Obama! Rather simplistic, but true nonetheless!
One Idea by inspiration from the Mind of The Creator can change your life and finances forever! Look around you: everything you see physically, first existed as a thought or an idea in someone’s mind. The creator or inventor of any gadget or design first ‘saw’ the object in his mind’s eye (the imagination) before setting about to create it. This is why we have blueprints! I recall many years ago there was nothing like “pure water.” Someone had an idea to provide this mobile thirst quencher in our tropical climate and today you have thriving “pure water” businesses all over the country!
Lastly,the fourth thing greater than money is Influence and there are four kinds of influence. I have coined a mnemonic devise to help you remember the four of them - “P P B B”
a.    Providential Influence: This as the name suggests is influence given by God where you just seem to have a way with people and you can get them to do just about anything for you.
b.    Positional Influence: This is influence you exert by reason of a position you hold in society e.g. the MD of a Multi-national corporation, the President of a country etc.
c.    Birth Influence: This is influence you have by reason of birth. For example if you are Royalty, you exert influence on your subjects.
d.    Borrowed Influence: By far the easiest to acquire, this is influence you exert by reason of your association (Access) to a powerful entity. I remember when I was the Managing Director of Bank Subsidiary Company. I sat in meetings with, had access to persons I ordinarily would not have had access to! This was a situation where I had three of the four kinds of influence working for me; Providential, Positional and Borrowed Influence!

THE LAW OF ALMS GIVING: This law is close to the heart of God. It is His way of setting up social insurance. *There will always be the poor and less privileged amongst us, therefore we must cater for them. As we said earlier, these laws work in tandem. You can see how giving or sowing generously can result in God giving back to you in the same measure. Finally the last spiritual law of prosperity:
First off, what is the tithe? It is a mandatory return to God (through any vehicle you may desire to use; preferably your local church) a tenth portion of your increase. While many may say that tithing is not mandatory or that this biblical injunction is past, this could not be further from the truth! Tithing is part and parcel of bible economics. Just as almsgiving is God’s way of setting up social insurance for the poor, the tithe is a specialized social insurance scheme for ministers who serve God full time. The purpose of the tithe is so that *“there may be meat in My(God’s) House.” Therefore the tithe is to be used to manage the House of God.
*If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land. The One Who set these Laws in motion has sworn by Himself and (there is none higher) that the universe must obey these laws. You would do well to pay heed and *observe to do these things so that you may have good success.
Next issue we shall examine the physical or natural side of money. Don’t miss it.

By Rev. H. ’Kunbi Imonitie
Living Waters International Ministries
99, Oduduwa Crescent, G.R.A. Ikeja,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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