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Birthdays, Birthdays and Birthdays

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Being a member of a big family means there are always birthdays! In my fam, birthdays get kicked off right from January 2nd, when the old man celebrates his. Well, this year, my lil sister, Damilola, turned 21 and she wanted to mark it in grand style! Well, the Shonoikis know how to party so that was no problem.
The party was in Ibadan where she schooled. We weren’t going to let the subsidy removal affect us, so we loaded Yemi’s car with fuel and hit the road. Yemi, Lekan, Lanre, Boye and I. First, we had to stop over at Abeokuta to pick up Shola. But we weren’t even off the Lagos-Ibadan expressway before Yemi started whining about my driving. Pesky little girl. I parked angrily on the highway and refused to drive any further. Oh yes, I’m crazy like that. And that seemed to shut her up. Lekan took over, and the journey continued.
Typical of a Saturday, the traffic was insane. It was already four in the afternoon and we were still on the road. Dami was already panicking, calling every five minutes. We were supposed to be the DJ and photographer. Anyway, better late than never, we got into town and the party kicked off. The venue was my older sister’s place. It was always a pleasure to see my lil niece, Folusho, and her dad. The food was great and there were plenty of drinks. Lots of fine chics too, if I dare say. As the DJ, I doled out the best music I could. It was quite nostalgic to see lots of young people and wishing you were young again.
Party over, and that pesky little Yemi had to come apologize and beg me to drive the car to Lagos. Yeah right. Now she knows who the best driver in the whole of Nigeria is! Anyway, because she had run her mouth earlier, she could not say anything on the way home. Hence I took the opportunity to drive as fast as I could. Actually, it was getting late and I didn’t want to be on the road after dark because of the million potholes. Sometimes I would glance at the speedometer and get scared myself. I was going at speeds of 160/170kph. When you are driving a car and the passengers are complaining about your speed, everything is still not so bad. But when everyone gets completely silent, then you know that your speed is out of this world! That was how fast I was going. Like the Yorubas would say “speed that would make you shut your eyes.”
Fast forward to the third week in February, and Lanre also had his birthday. Actually, his birthday is on the 14th of February; Valentine’s Day. I’ve always wondered how the poor boy celebrated his birthday amidst all the lustful noise of lovers day. Anyway, the next weekend, we hit the beach at Taqwa Bay for an afternoon of fun.  We got a speedboat at Fiki Express. This time, it was again the usual suspects: Shola, Yemi, Boye, Lekan, Lanre and I.
So, off we went! The beach at Taqwa is serene and calm. Because of the bay, the waves aren’t as heavy as the other beaches, so one could swim or float around in the shallow waters. Lagosians have turned the beaches of Lagos into nightclubs where dancing and partying was all one can do. But at the bay, one could really enjoy the bliss of walking along the sand or just sitting in the sun and soaking up nature, away from all the noise and madness of the city.
All in all, it was a quiet but fun afternoon, only marked by a near-fight with some street urchin who thought he could speak to us anyhow because we were pretty-looking.  Fucking bastard. If my siblings hadn’t held me back, I would have gotten into a street fight with him. Yeah, I’m crazy like that. (In my mind)
In May, Mosun turned 18. Yeah, voting age; not age of consent, thank you. You see, I wonder why Mosun wonders why she’s the “labourer” of the house. Well, it doesn’t help that she’s one of the youngest, neither does it help that she was born on May 1st. If you are born on Workers Day or Labour Day, what do you expect? Yemi is her biggest boss. Yemi is hardworking when it comes to her job but when she gets home, she’s as lazy as a cat. Because she has Mosun. In Yemi’s head, she’s probably sun-tanning at a luxury beach in the Bahamas, sipping on a Pina Colada with Mosun as her hand maiden. Anyway, the lil labourer of our house turned 18 and we had to throw her a lil party, away from the old man’s scrutiny. We bought her a lil cake, cooked some lil rice and some lil drinks, and she invited her lil friends over. Erm, the friends were not so lil though, if you know what I mean (wink). Of course, no boys! Dem dey mad? For my house? Lailai. Alas, our lil labourer didn’t even have so many friends, just like most of us. So, it was just Tosyn Gaga, Bisola and Gbemi that showed up for our lil labourer’s lil party. A party is a party and I’m sure they had fun; especially with the way Tosyn Gaga was laughing like a jackal and making a racket! Good Lord!

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