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Oh No, It’s Monday

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A few years ago, all I needed to go into depression was seeing any word that started with  ‘M’  towards the end of the week and I would  have a panic attack. Palpitations, fear, trembling, anxiety, so that by the time Monday came, I was a complete mess, unable to function, missing out on the chance to be grateful for a new day, for the gift of life. Now as I see others struggling with same issues, judging by status messages that go up on Blackberry phones on Sunday, I realize I am not all alone.

So I set out asking a few people in my network their thoughts on this and a pattern emerged. The more successful the person was, the less likely they were to hate Mondays. The people who worked for themselves, business owners, entrepreneurs or those who did jobs very closely related to their passion were almost never worried about Monday. I observed also there was a direct relationship between fatigue and blues. So another group of people dreaded the first day of the week if they didn't get a chance to rest well over the weekend.

Here are a few tips to beating the dreaded first day of the week if you are one of those:

You have to change your mind set. Work is not a chore but Work is a means to an end. Most people are working an 8 to 5 paid job not because it is their ultimate goal but because they need a way to raise capital for that dream. So put up a picture of your ultimate goal or dream somewhere visible and once that dread comes, focus on it to remind yourself why you are doing this. It may be a need to buy that nice house with the fancy car in prime location, to start off a business or passion, or to send your kids to better schools than you went to. Whatever it is, hold on to it tightly as your motivating factor and keep your eyes on the goal.

Take controlling helps as it is inevitable. Confront your dread. I found that doing some work even if it's just reading new mails that came in the weekend helped me feel more in control. The best way to overcome something is to face it heads on and conquer it.

Nothing can spice up more than looking fabulous. Plan your wardrobe: Trust me, there is no more effective mood booster than a compliment. You don't have to be in the entertainment sector or be a celebrity to look drop dead gorgeous. Maybe Monday is that day to rock your hot red pumps with that LBD you have saving for a big meeting. If we are all actors in life and the word is our stage then your office is your stage, you are the main act and the show must go on. My instant pick me up is a crisp white shirt and sparkly earrings.  

Plan to inspire: there is someone somewhere who is counting on your expertise, knowledge, confidence and creativity to get through the day so be proud of yourself and be ready to give much of yourself.

Make your office fun and inspiring. If you have an office, put pictures, artwork or anything that will give you a sense of hope and home. With open plan offices being increasingly popular to foster team culture, a lot of people would not have their own private space but you can still put a picture of your ideal office or those things that inspire and cheer you up in your work space, or on your screen saver.

Exercise and get that blood pumping. Motion and emotion are very closely linked. There is no way you can be down after a good run or work out; exercise gets your blood pumping and adrenalin running.

Be Positive: speak into your day. Surround yourself with cheerful people if you can. If I am feeling blue, I gather my team for a motivational session. I find that if I inspire others, it overflows back to me. So crack a joke, have a laugh.

If after all these you are still feeling blue, then think about a Monday when you have no job and everyone else is out and about doing their business. That should be enough to get you cracking. Cheers to the weekdays.


by Uche Lotanna-Anajemba

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