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Julie Odia
Julie Odia

I was having the most delicious lunch of snails and steamed Irish potatoes with a friend when she asked the question that brought it all back. Although, I had a smile on my face but her question was the last words I heard her say for a long time during lunch.
It all began with some pictures I received on my phone on a particular evening; I innocently believed they were pictures from a movie set, but my curiosity was awaken by the unusual spark in her eyes. Her smile was same as always but her eyes shown so bright. I am sure if I listened hard enough I would have heard them speak.  So long months passed, many more pictures and longer telephone conversations after, until that beautiful day I began my journey to what I call the SURPRISE EXPERIENCE.
It felt good being in New York again. I especially loved seeing my siblings and oh how I enjoy shopping in NY which, by the way, I began as soon as I arrived.  But as exciting and fun as NY was, that wasn’t the final destination for my journey.
After four days of eating, seeing great movies, shopping, and just having great fun together in one of our favorite vacation cities, we set out to the beautiful island that would become the most mentioned island from the lips of many and be remembered by me for great memories.
We arrived in Puerto Rico and drove for over an hour to our resort, tired and hungry. All we really wanted to do was shower, eat and sleep. Until a tour of the resort changed our plans completely. The resort had a private beach that seemed to be leaping up out of the silver blue sea, stretching up to catch the dust of the sky with rays of sunlight dancing through the easy waves of the beach. It was unbelievably beautiful, and we couldn’t resist the temptation for a quick swim before anything else. The experience was blissful.
Fresh in my head was her voice saying to me, “I will never get married.” My response the same always: wait until God sends him your way. So it was the morning of the wedding and the atmosphere was romance filled and we all had breakfast by the beach sharing jokes and praying that the moment never ended. But it was time to dress for the big moment.
That night was the most romantic night ever. From watching my best friend who looked amazingly beautiful and happy walk down the aisle to her very charming handsome groom, to their emotional exchange of vows, the night was romance and fun filled and we danced till the break of dawn. It was sad when we had to leave.
So when I was asked over lunch if I ever thought I would have a WOW wedding cover, it didn’t only bring back the greatest memories of an amazing wedding experience with the most fun people ever, it also brought the thought that if I could, I would have this cover again and again, if only so I have a refresh of the most fun beautiful surprise I have ever had. God bless your marriage Uche and Kenny. This is for you; this is for LOVE!

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