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The Little Big Day of Kenny & Uche

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Uche and Kenney
Uche and Kenney

In May 2012, Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo, got married to her sweetheart Kenny “K-Rod” Rodriguez at a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Marriot Courtyard, Marriot Isla Verde Beach Resort in Puerto Rico. In the presence of only very close friends and family, Uche and Kenny became joined in matrimony.
With celebrity weddings regularly taking limelight, people were shocked that Uche opted for a quiet wedding. Indeed, the media was abuzz, with popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, vowing to get her hands on Uche’s wedding pictures by all means.
Uche explains why she went instead for a quiet ceremony away from the lens of the media. “We kept it hush-hush, because it wasn’t totally about me; it was about him getting used to this path I have chosen. Lately I’ve found out that when things that are unpleasant are written about you, it doesn’t hurt you as much as it hurts the people who are in your life, who truly know you. Somehow, we make peace with the life we live. So, it is important to take the public part of your life slowly, when it comes to them. He doesn’t want to be in the limelight; he’s behind the scene. I personally didn’t even know that people were going to be that curious. This was about taking control of my private life, because it was spinning out of control. So, a big wedding is really not important. What is important is that special moment and who you really want to be there to share it with you. So I surrounded myself with people who have always been there for me, both friends and family. As far as girlfriends go, Julie Odia is my best friend. My male best friend is Desmond Elliot. Plus so many others that couldn’t make it, because I didn’t really want to task anybody. I have always wanted a simple wedding. It’s just that people don’t listen to me; I’ve always said that when I’d marry, nobody would know.”
We might not have known when she indeed got married, but Uche Jombo is no stranger to us all. As a foremost Nollywood actress, her face is a constant feature in movies, magazines, and red carpet events. The question on the lips of the inquisitive is without doubt: who is Uche’s husband?  Who is Kenny Rodriguez?
Kenny Rodriguez was born and raised in the United States. He grew up in New York City, where he currently lives. “Growing up in New York, you have the opportunity to meet lots of people with lots of backgrounds. So, when you go to school here, you have people from all over the world in your classroom.” In his family of eight, Kenny is the youngest son. His father has been in the club business for thirty-five years, and from him Kenny learnt about the complexities that come with running businesses.
His childhood in New York influenced his decision to become self-made, spurred on by the numerous successful individuals he came into close contact with everyday. Today, he is a successful multi-investor in energy and information and communications technology, diversifying his portfolio to extend even into utilities and essential services. He is an executive of the American Communications Network (ACN), a twenty-year old company that specializes in providing telecommunications services with interests in twenty three countries around the world. Personally endorsed by Donald J. Trump and featured twice on The Celebrity Apprentice, ACN is the largest direct seller of telecommunications and essential services in the world. With ACN, Kenny deals with opening up new markets in new territories around the world.
But his drive to be successful didn’t come overnight. Like every child, Kenny had to overcome his worst fears. “When I was younger, a teacher told me to write something on the board. I was unable to solve the problem, so I didn’t want to go to the board to make a fool of myself, as other teachers had told me that it was impossible for me to do it. My teacher looked at me and said, ‘Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.’  So I held on to those words and overcame my fear of going to the board.”
Outside of work, Kenny is also just as alive. According to Uche, Kenny likes to do “dangerous things.” He however considers himself merely an adrenaline junkie. “Anything that is fast, risky, I’m with it. I just can’t sit in front of a TV all day; I have to do something! You know, you only live once.  I’m no Evel Knievel; I just like to have fun in a safe way. ” He loves bike riding, wind surfing and extreme sports. He also plays the piano very well, which he has been doing since he was five years old. He enjoys producing music.
So how did Kenny and Uche meet? Amongst the seven billion people on Earth, what brought these two together? Their stars crossed when Kenny’s partner in his telecommunications business told him about some people coming to New York from Nigeria for a project. But when Kenny met Uche, sparks began to fly.  
“We initiated conversation...


By Shonoiki Olanshile

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