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Creating Serene Spaces

Thursday April 12 2012    |     Views: 3197    |     Comments: 0   |     Print    Bookmark and Share

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, sometimes we need an escape which we can create by effectively mixing styles and epochs and creating uniquely attractive spaces. The result is this: the home while typical of the region and home owner, meets every demand of modern society and retains unbeatable charm and austerity.
For those who have the chance to build or remodel, we should understand the basic use of stone and other natural building elements. To build a serene house, stone should be left exposed on some walls. It’s traditionally tasteful. The natural materials and textures are largely responsible for the rural ambience which prevails throughout the house. Simple almost ascetic décor provides a tranquil atmosphere in which it is easy to rest and relax.
There are some basic rules to a serene house and here’s Wow’s list of some.
•    Sound: a serene house should be quiet. For some people, absolute quiet roars in their ears. Soundproof doors and windows help shut out noises of the street. Bell chimes, sound machines and water fountains are sounds that fill the air without rattling the brain. This is one ideal of a house where you want to find peace and relaxation. It must have the quality of timeless silence.
•    Lighting: our bodies naturally react to levels of light. Bright light causes us to be alert and white dim light can relax and ease. Install ambient lighting and dimmer switches throughout your homes and you can transform anyplace from a high activity room to a restive room.
•    Windows and doors: never underestimate the simple joy of fresh air. It’s exhilarating! So crack open a window on a nice day. Numerous windows and see-through doors let in a profusion of light which bounces off lustrous walls, creating an extraordinary backdrop for the furniture and decorative features.
•    Scents: aromas tend to stimulate our moods too. Scents of lavender and vanilla tend to soothe the tired soul, drawing you into a more relaxed state while the aroma of coffee has been known to pull a few sleepyheads out of bed. There’s a wide array of choices to select from.
•    Colour: earth tone colours like blue, green, purple are all favourites when it comes to creating the perfect serene atmosphere. These colours are known to invoke reminders of nature: tranquil skies, deep forests, warmth. Mix and match these colors for that peaceful feel.
•    Comfort: while it’s nice for a home to emanate coziness from all sides, it is very important to feel comfort between the spaces. Plush carpets, curtains, bed liners go a long way in wrapping peace and comfort around all those who step into your homes. Functional, austere furnishings, a mixture of contemporary designs gives the house a personal feel. Modernity and tradition work well together to create alluring contrasts. Thus, feel free to hang those artworks from your village. It’s élan.
When it comes to making your homes as serene as possible, do not forget that different people react to different colours of light, sound, scents and certain touches. Be sure to find those that suit you and give your home a wow personality.


By Folashade Alli-Owe

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