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Conversations with the Self: Understanding Money I

Thursday April 12 2012    |     Views: 3071    |     Comments: 0   |     Print    Bookmark and Share

Our series on understanding the Inner Man continues by turning our focus to a subject of vital importance to every one of us and that is Understanding Money. The processes we have discussed thus far about engaging the latent power of the inner man will now be brought to bear on our new subject. It is that self-same process that you will apply to change your mind about money so you can understand it, harness it and put it to its proper use.
As in all matters of great import, you must set in motion a system whereby you can repeat a given series of actions that will yield the desired end result. It is no different with understanding money, how to acquire it, harness it and utilize it to achieve good.
First step in your quest to master money is to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing wrong with money or having money. Money is not the root of all evil. It is the inordinate love and preoccupation with money that becomes the foundation for all the evil, like greed, avarice, materialism etc. that emanates from such a mindset. You cannot be uncomfortable about money as a matter of fact; you must like money because you cannot attract what you don’t like. It is said that like poles attract, unlike poles repel! In the good book we see that it is *God’s paramount desire that you prosper and be in health – but He hooks it to a little condition; that is “even as your soul prospers.” Remember our five senses of the Soul – your mind, your will, your emotion, your intellect and your imagination. What this means is that these five senses are crucial to your ability to understand, acquire and utilize money. This is why in previous articles, amongst other things, we had to examine how the conscious and the sub-conscious mind works.
Here are some basic facts that we will build around. First, you must know that money has no character of its own but rather, it assumes the character of the person controlling it. Money in the hands of a stingy man: nothing gets done; but money in the hands of a generous man: life and society is impacted. Because of this, it is important that good character be formed so that the one handling money will use it for good.
Second, money comes in cycles; *therefore you must know how to gather in the time of plenty against times of leanness; this I call, the Joseph Principle. This is where saving and investing comes in. Third, if you forget anything you read in this piece, do not forget this! Money is not for spending!!! If you spend your money you will die broke! This is not a curse, it is just simple truth. Unfortunately many of us have grown up to believe the opposite and actually are more prone to spend than to put money to the other uses available. It is a fraction of the profit of money that is for spending. Fourth, the poor spend, the rich invest. The proper use and understanding of money demands that you invest because money has the capacity to grow. Fifth,*riches are not forever, *riches have wings.  Therefore be careful how you treat money. A Yoruba adage states that money is a stranger. Treat it well and it will stay and bring its relatives of good health, good home, peace of mind etc. Treat badly and it will leave taking its entire relatives with it! Sixth, there are two sides to money. There is the spiritual intangible side of money and there is the physical measurable side to money and you must understand both.
There are certain spiritual laws that govern money. All these lawsare closely related and it is not really possible to separate them in operation. However for ease of understanding, they are listed below:
THE LAW OF GIVING:  The prescribed way to receive is to give. If you give, it will be given back to you. What goes round comes around. Your giving must be purposeful and must be thought through and not embarked on, emotionally. Often time folks give in sympathy however sympathy should not be the motivation for giving because sympathy emanates from the emotions and our emotions are volatile and cannot be dependent upon to make such judgment calls where money is concerned. Rather compassion should be the motivation for giving. You may say there is no difference between sympathy and compassion, but you couldn’t be further from the truth! Here is an illustration to help you see the difference between sympathy and compassion.
John Doe has fallen into a deep pit and cannot get out. “Sympathy gets there and true to nature jumps into the pit to “sympathize” with Mr. Doe! Both are now in the same mess. Compassion however gets there, analyzes the situation and goes to fetch a rope or a ladder to bring Mr. Doe out of that situation. He helps Mr. Doe but does not burn himself in the process of doing so.

THE LAW OF SOWING AND REAPING:  *As long as this earth is in existence, the cycle of sowing and reaping will not stop. As you very well know, what you sow is what you reap. You cannot sow corn and expect to reap wheat! It therefore follows reason that if you want to reap finances, you must sow finances. Along with giving and sowing, your generosity is important because it impacts your returns. *Sow sparingly, reap sparingly; *give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over.
To be continued…

By Rev. H. ’Kunbi Imonitie
Living Waters International Ministries
99, Oduduwa Crescent, G.R.A. Ikeja,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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