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Catwalk Queens

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The world of modelling is tough and unkind. “In fashion, one day you are in, the next you are out,” Heidi Klum has famously remarked. But these girls have weathered the storms, strutted their stuff all over runaways around the world. They are hardworking and dedicated. They are young and successful. And they have all gone through the able hands of Nigeria’s foremost modelling agency, Beth Models. Banke Olutimehin, Shola Duromola, Opeyemi Awoyemi, Chika Emmanuella, Doyin Hastrup, Marcia Okhai, Anthony Bukola and Isio Wanogho grace the cover of this edition of Wow. Even though they are relaxed in this shoot, sipping on Irish cream with friends and having a good laugh, they have decided not to rest on their oars but to continue to blaze across the skies.

Secret Weapon
My secret weapon is my stature and my haircut

Beauty for me is…
…When you have a good character, because without a good character or manners, there is no beauty!

Highlight of 2011
It was fulfilling two of my dreams-
One, taking a year-long break and living in an European city. Two, using that opportunity to acquire an M. Sc Design from the best Interior Design School in Europe. It enabled me to make new friends, to learn
Italian, to expose myself to new cultures, people and their lifestyles, and acquire a fresh perspective as to who I am, and where I want to be in future- not just as a Nigerian in Nigeria, but as an African in the global community.

Secret weapon
ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance of who I am. My weaknesses and my strengths. Of what I can and can not do at any time. I accept that I have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want- but on the other side of that coin, is that I also have to accept the consequence of exercising that freedom; good or bad.

Your enduring philosophy
"The Simplest Solution's usually the correct one. So, resist the urge to complicate things."
"Indeed, the very simplicity of Truth causes her to pass unnoticed."

Favourite career moment
My first successful fashion show in 2002, which was the St. Moritz Style Selection where I modelled for
Davida. My very first fashion shoot for an international magazine where I wore pieces for Tiffany Amber.

Beauty for you is…
...Only complete when one's beautiful in body and mind! That being said, I judge physical beauty by
symmetry of form, postural balance, cleanliness, good skin, teeth and hair. And of course a smile is
the most beautiful of accessories.

Most valuable advice ever given
To treasure loyalty. Whether in business or friendships. Someone once said to me to always
question where one's loyalties lie - for the people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will
desire it, and those you treasure the most will-without fail- abuse it. True loyalty takes years to build, and only seconds to destroy.

Hope in 2012
Right now, I'm living two more of my career dreams, as Creative Director of EmaajPR (Corporate
Public Relations firm) and Presenter-Producer for Fabulous! TV (A lifestyle-entertainment TV show),
so I am quite happy. My hope for the rest of the year is to always be happy, content, healthy and wealthy!

Highlight of 2011
2011 was quite busy for me; it started with Arise Magazine Fashion Week in March, Austrian Lace Fashion Show, Kosibah bridal/evening wear, Music Meets Runway, MTN Lagos Fashion Week, then CLAN. I also had periodical shoots for Expression hair product as I had a 1year contract with them.

Enduring philosophy
Never EVER give up! Sometimes persistence can be the difference between success and failure

Career moment
I’d say when I launched out as a top 5 finalist at the Nokia Face of Africa competion 2005 held in Sun
City South Africa, being the youngest there at the age of 17 without any experience and also participating in Durban and Cape Town Fashion Week immediately after the competition, and doing about 26 shows opening and closing some of them.

Beauty for me is…
…beyond a pretty face. It’s a blend of excellent character, confidence, and intelligence. A marriage of all those qualities in a person gives you true beauty.

Highlight of 2011
When I became a graduate

Career Moment
I’ve got a lot of favourite career moments but one of these moments was during my Face of Africa competition in 2008.

Beauty is…
…simply who you are within and not who you portray you are
Best Advice Given
Not to drop out of school to further my modelling in South Africa. I’m grateful I  listened to my granddad's advice.

2012 Hopes
In 2012, I hope for the very best. I hope to reach the sky. I hope to showcase to the world that there is a better Alek Wek in me.

Highlight of 2011
I won I the NEW FACE OF ARISE!, and went for NYFW. It was like a dream come true, getting to walk on ramp in fabulous top designers' collections. I also got to meet some of my model friends from EML Int'l; it was like a reunion! My winning FAB MODEL OF THE YEAR was also very encouraging.

Secret weapon
The ability to know who I am, knowing I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Enduring philosophy
Keep on moving! If you cannot fly, run! If you cannot run, walk! If you cannot walk, crawl! If you cannot crawl, just keep moving. Never give up!


Highlight of 2011
In 2011, after a very prosperous modelling career, I drew the curtains. I left the Thisday Style magazine cover(Christmas edition) as my goodbye gift and I retired from the modelling industry.

Secret weapon
My very long legs have been my secret weapon as it always wowed everyone the moment I step out in any outfit given to me to wear. This makes designers always give me extremely short things to wear or extremely long cloths too as my long leg bring out the beauty of the fabric and style.

Favourite career moment
During my days on the international ramps, the Audi Jo’burg fashion week in January 2009 in South Africa brought goose bumps to me as I catwalked the ramps. Also, my Paul IK dairo (Paul Play) Delicious video shoot in South Africa. Even though the winter was freezing me to death at the shoot, I still repeated the part of eating a cherry/chocolate sundae and drinking a very chilled milk shake! I was so proud because it made me realise how professional I was! Also my Tiffany Amber photoshoot for her look books for both 2010 and 2011. I was taken aback by the images when they came out; it was exactly what I wanted.

2012 Hopes
Get married!

Highlight of 2011
When I was four months pregnant in April 2011, I did a T V commercial for Samsung Dual in South Africa. In July 2011, I travelled to Canada for the delivery of my second child.

Favourite career moment
In 2007, an event was organised in Nigeria tagged "THE FUTURE AWARDS." I was given an award as the best super model of the year. Also I came 1st runner up in China super model competition 2006.

Most Valuable Advice
The most valuable advice given to me is to commit my ways and whatsoever I want to do into the hands of God first before embarking on it, to receive divine protection, divine, success, and divine direction.                       

2012 Hopes
My hope in 2012 is to get a "BIG CAMPAIGN" worth millions of dollars by the grace of God! AMEN!

Highlight of 2011
When I became the face of a hair brand

Secret weapon

Enduring philosophy
Never give up in life. Keep trying even if you fail; your failure is a ladder to your success.

Favourite career moment
My reign as a beauty queen.

Beauty is…
…not how a person looks but how they carry themselves. To me a beautiful person is kind and sincere.

Most valuable advice
Believe in yourself. Don’t focus on what people think about you; what you think about yourself is the fuelling spirit to your success in life.

Hopes for 2012
To become a remarkable brand in the society

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