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Ini Edo: Bringing Sexy Back!

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Ini Edo on Wow Cover
Ini Edo on Wow Cover

Over the years, Ini Edo has consistently featured in many Nollywood movies. Today, she is one of the most recognized faces in Nollywood. Her journey from a beginner to a screen goddess started with a Diploma in Theatre Arts from the University of Uyo and a chance audition for a movie role in Aba. Now, the English graduate from The University of Calabar is moving on to higher grounds, making her own movies. The award-winning actress discusses her plans with Shile Shonoiki in this interview.

Photography: Kelechi Amadi-Obi
Styling: Ezinne Chinkata
Hair: Bayo for Georgeous
Make-up: Tinuke for BM Pro

This is the second year of your Globacom ambassadorship. How has the journey been so far?
First of all, being a Glo Ambassador is an honour. It is an honour to be chosen amongst the people to carry a brand as big as Globacom. On the financial aspect, it actually has opened doors for other business people to see that we are not only good enough for films, we can also carry a brand and carry it well. So, I think it has opened barriers and broken chains, and made other business organizations to start considering us as people they can work with, and not just ‘Oh, she is just an actress. That is all she can do.’ It has exposed people to the fact we are not just actors and actresses but people who can actually carry something as big as this and can also be businesswomen or men, so to say. It's something that comes with enough of exposure and a lot of upliftment in the sense that, business-wise, it starts making people look at you in a very different light. So I think in that aspect, it really has opened doors for us as much as we've tried to carry the brand positively and sell it the best way we can. It's a give and take thing. So far, I want to believe that most of us are very grateful to have been made Glo Ambassadors.

After acting, what next? What's the next step?

Acting will always remain. I don't think there will be an ‘after acting.’ For me, I have already started doing my own thing. I do my own movies and I intend to get more into movie production big time. I'm trying to take it a step further and see how, no matter how little, I can contribute to the industry that has given me so much. If I have to do it by way of doing my own films, the way I believe movies should be done, you never know, it could be a way to see the positive light in the industry and possibly bring about the change we all talk about. And I’ve realized that all those changes cannot come by looking up to others to bring about the change. We all have to come together to try and see how we can contribute, whichever way we can, to make a little difference. Step by step, you never can tell.
Other than that, I have my mind on a number of things. I have private things I'm working on. In fact, I'm almost set to launch my website, hopefully in a couple of months. My NGO is also in progress, to be launched at anytime from now. Those are the things that I'm just working and once they are ready, probably before the launch, everybody will get to know about them. I'm also going to do a mega-movie. Even if I’m going to do one in a year, it's going be something different, something people aren’t used to. I am not relenting.

In regards to making your own movies, how challenging do you think it will be?
Nothing good comes easy. We really have to go all out and I think I'm working with some of the best hands. It's not going to be easy but like I said, I'm not giving up and I’m not going home to sleep. I know what I believe in and I'm working towards it. I have a dream and a vision I believe in, so I will do what it takes to make it materialize. I believe that’s my own quota towards giving back to the industry which I have benefited so much from.

Talking about giving back, you also talked about an NGO

My NGO is basically something that is very passionate to me. I’ve developed a team already and we are working on a couple of projects, but you know, I don’t really believe in people coming out to talk about NGOs for one selfish reason or the other. Mine is not a publicity stunt. It’s not an avenue for money making. It’s something I don’t want to talk about until we actually start doing something. Probably then, the world will just get a feel and then we can start talking about it.

Recently, you got married. How has married life been?

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