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The Power of Two Women

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So, where did it all go wrong? How did I get here? When did the easy money overtake the quest for fulfilment? I was so full of promise; how did I end up in the midst of these people? Perhaps, the greatest service I could do to the memory of Agbowo was to end up better than he did.
I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I swear by Orunmila’s beard, this is the end.
‘TJ, you dey craze ni? Which kain mumu thing be dis? Where you come dey go?’
I continued packing my things, ignoring Rashidi. His frustration was growing by the second and I half-expected him to hit me any moment. He didn’t disappoint.
His punch stunned me in the face. I staggered as my box of clothes fell from the bed to the ground. Rashidi followed with another punch. I tried to block my face but he seemed to have found new strength. He sat on my chest and slapped me across the face.
‘No be you I dey talk to? Abi you dey mad?’
I couldn’t fight my best friend. There was no way I’ll raise my fist against him and he knew that. He knew that and it pained him. He seriously wanted to give me a beating. Resigned, he flopped onto the ground beside me. We were both silent for a while as we gazed at the ceiling, my SMC fan whirring slowly as if wearied.
Finally I spoke. ‘Rashidi, no be wetin I sign up for be dis na. Imagine Agbowo don die! Just like dat! When I join dis work, na becos of money na. No be because of fighting and war!’
‘TJ, na every job get him own hazard. Na our own hazard be dat. And you dey do well. Wetin you dey complain of sef? Dem don promote you go PRO. You don comot for street. Nobody fit touch you again na. All the years wey you don suffer. Na now wey you suppose dey enjoy you wan come comot? Dat one na foolishness na!’
Rashidi was making sense. I had put too much into this to leave now. This was the time I was supposed to be reaping the rewards.
He continued, ‘In fact, if you no wan think of yourself, think of your paddy na. At least, if you dey position of power, you go dey help me too sef. Mesef no wan die for this work forever na. I no tell you say make you no comot. Just chill for some time. Enjoy the free money, then go.’
The more I listened to him, the more my resolve got weakened. I shook my head and jumped to my feet. I continued packing. Rashidi sighed.
There was a knock on the door. No, two knocks.
‘Who be that?’
The door opened and Bolatito and Sikira came in. I was startled. I would never get used to seeing my two girlfriends together.
‘TJ is it true?’
‘Dem say you dey comot!’
‘But why?’
‘Why you dey go na?’
They were both talking at the same time, panic and confusion written all over their faces. I stammered as I tried to explain. How do I even begin to explain to them?
Bolatito started crying. Sikira joined her. Rashidi chuckled. Which kain tin come be dis na? I moved closer to hug two of them. Their wailing increased. I tried calming them down.
‘Oya, stop crying first! Ahn ahn!’
Their wailing stopped as they looked at me with wide eyes, expectant. I didn’t even know what to say. There was really nothing to say.
Sikira: ‘Please stay.’
Bolatito: ‘Please stay.’
As if that was the cue for a planned action, Sikira sat on my laps and started to kiss me. Bolatito climbed onto the bed and started to nibble my ear from behind. Olopa o!!!! Her hands circled me from behind and caressed my chest and my stomach. A tingling sensation ran down my spine as four different lips sent signals to my brain simultaneously. My soldier rose to attention instantly!
Suddenly, they both stopped. I opened my eyes. They were both staring at Rashidi, whose mouth was wide open, dripping saliva.
‘Em…em… sorry… em… make I excuse you people.’
He stumbled around the room, looking for something invisible. Bolatito and Sikira laughed as he staggered out of the room. The laughter, combined, sounded like music from heaven. Is this what I would be missing if I left?
Sikira pushed me to the bed while Bolatito went to lock the door. Sikira unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my nipples. She shoved one of the juicy twins on her chest into my mouth as Bolatito got back to the bed, unzipping my trousers. The softness that engulfed my thing was pure bliss!
I died and went to heaven instantly!
I couldn’t move. I didn’t even want to move. The three of us were lying naked on the bed, both girls with their heads on each of my shoulders, and their boobs nestling sweetly on my arms and chest. This was heaven. And why would I want to move from heaven and go to hell?
Kai! The power of a woman. No, the power of two women! All the sermons Rashidi had been preaching since morning! All he was trying to achieve for hours, two women did in just 30 minutes!
So, what does a man want? Is it not to be successful? To be happy? To live in a good house and drive a fine car? To have the love and affection of a woman, or two? To have the confidence and trust of a friend who would always watch your back? What does it matter where all that comes from? And why do we go to school, anyway? Is it not to get a job and earn money? Was I not earning that money? Was I not working for it, even putting my life on the line? What does it matter if my profession wasn’t a noble one? Perhaps this is my destiny, my path. Perhaps this is what God had intended for me all along. And the only way to find out was not to run away from it, but to confront it and test it.
Kai! Women have turned me into a philosopher!
‘I’m staying.’
Both girls uttered cries of joy, kissing me all over. My soldier started to salute again as they reversed roles. This time, it was Bolatito’s yellow boobs in my mouth. Sikira’s soft lips traced down my stomach and found my thing.
I closed my eyes and surrendered to my newfound heaven.

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